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Andy Murray Tries Tweener in Tokyo; Fails Comically

Newly-crowned Slam champion Andy Murray took his newfound confidence to Tokyo, trying a rather unnecessary tweener shot against Stan Wawrinka in their quarterfinal match with comical results:

Ricardo Sanchez Drops F-Bomb During Match

During Nadia Petrova’s semifinal match against World No. 9 Samantha Stosur in Tokyo, coach Ricardo Sanchez visited Petrova on court during a Stosur medical timeout. The on-court microphone picked up Sanchez dropping an F-bomb:

(warning: profane language)

Edited: An earlier version of this post suggested that Sanchez’s comments were directed at Sam Stosur. While that may have been the case, it’s unclear exactly what Sanchez said, so we have removed that characterization for the sake of accuracy.

Berdych Hits Worst Serve at the US Open

Tomas Berdych produced a hilariously awful serve at the US Open during his semifinal match against Andy Murray:

Berdych hits the worst serve at the US Open

In fairness to Berdych, the match was affected by heavy winds, but that one landed miles off the court.

(Thanks to @ZezeAM for the .gif)

Best Quotes from 2012 Australian Open Day 8

Sabine Lisicki, on her loss to Maria Sharapova: “One year ago I was in the qualies here. Now I was so close to beating one of the best players in the world. So I’m taking lots of positive things out of here, you know, keep building on it.”

Q: “Is it becoming more difficult to make you smile at the press conferences now, to find a way to have a cheerful answer?”
Maria Sharapova: “Well, maybe you should start asking cheerful questions and I’ll have cheerful answers. You always ask silly ones, so …  I know you do. You’re Italian.”

Q. “Does your last name mean anything? Sounds a little bit like macaroni in Italian.”
Ekaterina Makarova: “I know, but I don’t like it. When sometimes you are playing, the crowd, they start, Macarena or Macaroni, I don’t like it really, so …”

Q. “You look a little bit like Gwyneth Paltrow. Do you know her?”
Ekaterina Makarova: “I know her, but I don’t think that we look similar.  You like strange questions.”

Serena Williams: “I served, I don’t know. I can’t even describe how I served, to be honest. It wasn’t good, though. My lefty serve is actually better than that. Maybe I should have started serving lefty.”

Q: “If this wasn’t a slam, would you have played?”
Serena Williams
: “No, no way. I probably shouldn’t have played. But no way.”

Serena Williams: “There’s no tournaments, unless I pick up Indian Wells, and we all know I’m not going there. It crossed my mind very briefly, like a nanosecond.”

Q: “You can play on clay in Acapulco.”
Serena Williams: “Yeah? I’m not that desperate. Maybe I’ll just work out for a long time.”

Serena Williams: “I feel like I didn’t play well today. I don’t feel like I can’t get better. I feel like if I was in a situation where, wow, she played so great, and I played amazing, and I served 80%, and I hit no double faults, I didn’t hit 37 unforced errors, that would be a totally different situation. You know, I didn’t play well. I’m not physically 100%. So it’s just like, you know, I can’t be so angry at myself, even though I’m very unhappy. I know that I can play a hundred times better than I did this whole tournament.”

VIDEO: Almagro Hits Berdych With Shot, Berdych Refuses to Shake Hands After Match

In their fourth round match at the Australian Open, Nicolas Almagro employed the perfectly legal but always awkward tactic of launching a shot straight at his opponent Tomas Berdych, clearly angering the Czech.

After the match, despite pulling off a four set win, Berdych refused to shake Almagro’s hand, and was booed enthusiastically by the Aussie crowd.

“I think when you have a point and somebody wants to hit you straight to your face, I don’t see this as a nice moment,” Berdych said in his on-court post-match interview, nearly drowned out by the angry crowd.

Best Quotes from 2012 Australian Open Day 5

Caroline Wozniacki: “The last I don’t know how many years I’ve played I’ve always had a two‑handed backhand volley.  I’ve tried to change that to a one‑hand.
Q: Change for more reach?
Wozniacki: “Yeah, and just it looks better, too.”

Q: What was difference between you winning and losing?  Can you sum up the game?
Ivo Karlovic: “He won the match point. That’s a joke. Nobody is laughing. All right. I don’t know. I don’t know. I would know if I would have won, but I didn’t know. That’s one more joke.”

Q: Did you realize in the first set in 5‑2 you hit a two‑handed backhand?
Roger Federer: “Yeah, I did. I lost the point. That’s why I play one handed. And I won’t play double-handed for a long, long time, I can tell you that.”

Rafael Nadal: “[Isner’s] this kind of player that must be in the top, in my opinion, because there is no one reason why he is not in the top 13 of the world, top 14 of the world, my opinion.

Q: When you were about 12 meeting Roger, did you ever think you would be across the net playing him in a Grand Slam?
Bernard Tomic: No, not at that age. Not what I was thinking then. I was probably into like Pokemon cards and that stuff at 12.

Q.  Did you have a conversation with him in Davis Cup?
Bernard Tomic: Yeah. He gave me a few tips, which is good now because I play him. So thanks, Roger.

Q.  What will you do to prepare for Federer?  Anything specific?
Bernard Tomic: I don’t know if there is an answer to that question. Just pray to God. Maybe be sick or something.

Quote of The Day: Rafael Nadal Gets Specific on John Isner

Rafael Nadal, on John Isner: “There is no one reason why he is not in the top 13 of the world, top 14 of the world, my opinion.”

Best Quotes from Australian Open Day 4

Andy Roddick, on injuries and having to retire from his second round match against Lleyton Hewitt: “It’s frustrating. It’s discouraging. You know, your sensible mind says to have a sense of perspective. You still have it pretty good. The competitor in you feels terrible and wants to break stuff. I can’t really complain. I had 10 years pretty much of a clean slate. That’s a lot more than most people get. The last, you know, two years has been pretty tough. It’s tough physically. It’s as tough mentally, though. It’s hard.”

Lleyton Hewitt: “It’s no secret, I didn’t play many matches last year. To expect to come out and play against these guys, they played right through the end until some of them early December, you know, it’s totally different on the practice court to the match court.”

Petra Kvitova: “It was easy to play like [ranked] 30 and be as an outsider in the match.  This is really different for me.”

Jo-Wilfried Tsonga: “My father told me all the time, if you broke the racquet, I broke you. So I go easy with the racquet. Sometimes I prefer hit myself than my racquet.”

Jo-Wilfried Tsonga on bugs at the Arena: “I played last night with bugs against Istomin. It was okay. Good neighbors.”

Q: “They say the world is going to end this year. What would you like to do or achieve before the world blows up?”
Maria Sharapova:  “Why do you have to ask the most ridiculous questions?”

Best Quotes from 2012 Australian Open Day 3

Bernard Tomic, on playing at Rod Laver Arena: “I’m getting comfortable after three or four years of losing on that court.”

Caroline Wozniacki: “I usually believe I can stay out there the longest.  I believe that, yeah, I can be out there forever if I have to.”

Caroline Wozniacki, on serving nine aces over the course of two sets: “Felt a little bit like John Isner out there.”

David Nalbandian: “Every time talk to ATP, it’s like nothing, so what is ATP is for the players or for somebody else, the benefits?”

Mardy Fish, on his loss to Alejandro Falla: “Third set obviously pretty important knowing that he’s struggling, I guess. Maybe not. Maybe that was a ploy. I don’t know. Didn’t seem like he was having too much trouble during the point. So it was a good tactic on his part.”

Na Li, describing her workout routine: “All the exercise like jump, anything, yeah.”

Baghdatis Destroys Four Tennis Racquets in Meltdown at Australian Open

Marcos Baghdatis was a little … um … irked at losing the first two sets to Stan Wawrinka at the Australian Open in their second round match, so naturally he destroyed nearly every racquet in his bag while waiting for the third set to begin.

Our favorite part is how he destroys the last two racquets without even taking them out of the plastic first. That’s efficiency.