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Best Quotes from 2012 Australian Open – Day 2

Q: “Did you find it hard to shake her in some of those close ones?”

Petra Kvitova: “No, I didn’t feel any shakers.”

Ana Ivanovic: “This morning I was watching the TV.  I was watching the tennis.  They were saying Lleyton was going to play tonight and he was playing his 16th Australian Open, most ever.  I start counting mine.  I realize this was my eighth. Then I thought to myself, why would I be nervous? I played so many times.”

Andy Roddick: “I feel like last year, you know, it was the hardest one I’ve had, you know, physically.  And I think, therefore, mentally.  It was tough to start and stop.  I felt like I was playing out of shape a lot of the time. At the Open, I even played well, but I couldn’t sustain it physically for long enough.  It just caught up to me.  You know, so I think my days of playing 26 events a year are probably done.  But however many I do play, I want to make sure that I’m ready to rock each time.”

Andy Roddick on the Federer/Nadal “controversy”: “If you guys reported the facts, the issues, it wouldn’t be as exciting as Rafa and Roger.  Those guys have been the model of a respectful rivalry in sports.  So for it to be represented any differently is unfortunate.”

Andy Murray on his new coach, Ivan Lendl: “He understands how you might be feeling at the start of a Grand Slam, what it’s like to play against someone that you haven’t played against, what it’s like playing in different conditions, how you feel in really warm conditions. It’s just good to have someone there that, you know, understands all of those things. Someone maybe without the experience might walk in and be like, what the hell were you doing in the first set?  What were you playing the first six or seven games?”

Andy Murray on whether he was disappointed by all the other Brits losing in Round 1: “I’m not the person to be disappointed about that. There are other people in charge that should be disappointed about it; not me. I mean, I’d rather there was more Brits winning, obviously, but it’s not for me to be disappointed.”

Gael Monfils, on whether Marion Bartoli should be allowed to represent France in the Olympics: “You know, I don’t think I’m the person to ask. I really like Marion and everyone. I mean, I’m just looking NBA and then tennis. Actually I’m so bad.  I can’t help you on that.”

Q: “Are you at peace with the USTA at this point?”

Alex Bogomolov Jr.: “Yes. Big load off my shoulders. Everything is peaceful. Everything is good.”

Q: “Any lingering feelings of having to pay them back?”

Bogomolov: “Everything is perfect.”

Q: You don’t feel it was unfair?

Bogomolov: “No. They invested their time and their finances in me. I think it was only right for me to pay them back.”

Jarmila Gajdosova: “First thing everybody says how bad my game is. When you play well, oh, you’re unbelievable. Then you have a bad morning, you played real crap today.  You can’t win no matter what I do. You believe in something you been doing since you were seven years old, go to 24 in the world, so you would think I achieved something already. And still people question it every single day.”

“If you have these kind of things in your head, it’s not easy.  You start questioning the shots before you even hit them, make errors in the end just because you change your mind on what you usually do, what you want to do, to things you shouldn’t hit and you miss it anyway. So then you’re like, oh, I should have swing instead of just try to make the ball because people tell me I make too many unforced errors or I try to hit the cover off the ball.”

Quote of The Day: Roger Federer on Australian Open Nerves

Roger Federer, on whether he feels pressure walking onto the court in a Slam:

“I mean, I feel pressure coming out and seeing my girls on the other side of the court, seeing me walk on court.  Maybe that makes me nervous, which was the case today.”

VIDEO: Mardy Fish And Grigor Dimitrov Have Words at Hopman Cup

Bulgarian Grigor Dimitrov scored a 6-2, 6-1, win over World No. 8 Mardy Fish at the Hopman Cup, and the two had words with one another in one of the changeovers in the doubles match, the chair umpire having to step in and separate the two.

“Um, I think it’s better if you ask him,” Dimitrov said after the match when asked about the incident. “You know, it’s a thing obviously that maybe he wasn’t happy with that, but I’m sorry if I did something wrong. I’m going to also apologize to him in the lockers when I see him, but I don’t want to say much else about it.”

(h/t @onthegotennis for the video)

Alexander Ovechkin Confirms He’s Dating Maria Kirilenko

Washington Capitals captain Alexander Ovechkin today on Twitter confirmed rumors that he was dating Russian tennis player Maria Kirilenko, tweeting a picture of the two of them.

Alex Ovechkin    ovi8: Me and my girlfriend Maria….she is my queen!!!!



Kirilenko had been dating fellow tennis player Igor Andreev for several years.

Novak Djokovic Named One of GQ’s Men of The Year

World No. 1 Novak Djokovic was honored as one of GQ’s Men of The Year, along with Jay-Z, Steve Carell, Derrick Rose, and others.

In his interview with GQ, Djokovic spoke about his newfound confidence, his breakout year, and his squirrel friend at Wimbledon.

You can read the full article here, and watch a video of Djokovic at his photo shoot.

Serena Williams Locks Herself in Panic Room Over Drug Tester Visit

According to TMZ, Serena Williams hid in a panic room in her house after the detection of an intruder on her property at 6am. Her assistant called 911 to report the intruder.

It turns out, however, that Williams was simply being visited by a tennis anti-doping agency for a regular drug test.

Tennis players are asked by the World Anti-Doping Agency to determine one hour of the day they are available for drug testing, and many players choose 6:00 a.m. since they are likely to be easily found at that hour.

McIlroy’s Ex-Agent Wonders if Wozniacki Played Role in Firing

Golf pro Rory McIlroy’s ex-manager Chubby Chandler told the Daily Mail that he wondered whether McIlroy’s girlfriend, World No. 1 tennis player Caroline Wozniacki, played a role in McIlroy’s decision to part ways.

‘I don’t know whether it was his girlfriend [Wozniacki] getting in his ear or someone else but I thought we were doing a pretty good job, to be honest, and I think that’s how the outside world saw it,’ said Chandler.

Zvonareva Poses Naked for ESPN

World No. 3 Vera Zvonareva joined other top athletes, including Hope Solo, Apolo Anton Ohno, and Jose Reyes in posing nude for ESPN’s Body Issue.

You can view Zvonareva’s photo here, along with the others. Zvonareva is last in the photo gallery.

Quote of the Day [With Video]: Andy Roddick on Retiring

When asked whether he was considering retiring after losing his opener at the China Open, Andy Roddick snapped at the reporter.

“I think you should retire,” Roddick said, before walking out of the room.

Video via (@roddickwatch)

Quote of the Day: Djokovic Responds to Injury Doubters

World No. 1 Novak Djokovic responded on Twitter to those who questioned the severity of his back injury based on his participation in a football match  at a Belgrade charity event this week.

Here is his statement:

“For all of those people who have doubts. Yes,I played football,and I had no problem with my injury there,but as soon as I started playing tennis and tried to serve,it just wasn’t recovered enough for Beijing. I am working on my fitness,but i need more time and therapy’s to feel 100% ready to compete!”